Jump Rope Workout with Coach Buddy Lee


Buddy Lee: “Over the years I have developed a jump rope workout system that takes out the guesswork, eliminates learning curves and teaches people the right way to jump. As the participants are learning in this jump rope training session, my system is safe, it is progressive. And I’m showing you how to take off and how to land properly. That is the key to be successful in jump rope!

My system includes three steps: 1. The base phase, 2. The conditioning phase and 3. The sports training phase. In those three steps you are learning to master the perfect jump. In the base phase you are learning all the things you are learning now in this jump rope workout: body mechanics, take off, the type of surface, shoes and how to become jump proficient.

Proficiency is defined when you can do 140 jumps of the basic bounce and 140 jumps of the alternate footstep. From there we build to a basic jump rope capacity of 500 nonstop jumps. You can’t get a workout with the jump rope, if you know how to jump rope the right way and if you don’t have the endurance. As you become more proficient, you will notice that you’re able to
jump more times per second while incorporating different movements and foot patterns such as the side straddle and the forward straddle etc. All these techniques carry over to better sports performance, better balance, etc.

My jump rope workout are designed to challenge and target the immediate and short term energy systems. That’s where world titles are won, it is not won by how slow you run. No those wins are defined by being this much quicker…a snap of the fingers, a blink of an eye. That is how contests are won. Jump Rope gives you those advantages in speed, quickness and agility.

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