Choose your Rope

Rope Comparison – Which Rope to Choose:

The Aero Speed™ has a short handle (6”) that makes it most suitable for straight on jumping, speed jumping and power jumping (double unders, or two turns in one jump), as you are closer to the turning mechanism. It is made with made with T-Grade Aluminum.

The Aero Speed™ with Green Hornet™ Cable offers a medium weighted coated speed CABLE cord designed at the perfect weight and thickness to take your jump rope training to another fitness level, further challenging the upper body, arms, shoulders and wrists.

The Rope Master™ has a longer handle (9”) which it more suitable for freestyle (cross overs, arm side swings, other types of crosses) due to the fact that it is easier to extend your arms with the longer handle. This handle is made with plastic.

The Versa Trainer™ has a longer handle just like the Rope Master™.

The Magic Speed™ is a more basic version of the Rope Master™, without the swivel bearings. So it will not turn quite as fast and smooth as the swivel bearing ropes, but is a great rope to start out with.

The Super Sonic™ Speed Rope is an advanced CABLE rope for speed and power with the same swivel bearing as Aero Speed™ and Rope Master™. This rope is also used in competitions. It is not a rope for beginners.

The Super 20 TPS™ Rope holds the world record for the most turns in one second (7.4 rev) by China’s Cen Xiaolin (the fastest jumper in the world)