The Weighted Jump Rope

$109.95 $120.95

Color: Silver
  • Original Buddy Lee Patented External Swivel Bearing Technology
  • Designed for Ultra-Speed, Smooth Turning Motion and Control
  • Quick Cable-Rope Release, Lock and Adjustment System
  • Clear PVD Weighted Rope Cables:
  • - Light 4” / 101 mm
  • - Medium 6” / 152 mm
  • - Heavy 8” / 203 mm
  • Designed for Speed, HIT and Power Training
  • Aluminum Handles with Comfortable Silicone Grips
  • Extra Feature: Includes Handle Weights
  • Convenient Carrying Case
  • Cable length is 9'4" /  284 cm

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A Buddy Lee Jump Ropes Customer
United States United States
Once more, Buddy Lee has surpassed all expectations

In November 2009, I purchased the Buddy Lee Aero Speed rope. I still use it today. Best rope ever. Swivel ball bearing handles, easy rope replacement. When I received an email of the new weighted ropes, I immediately bought the set. Again, it was a great decision. Seeing the pictures is one thing, to hold the case and rope set in your hands, and then use them, the best description is top notch quality. The handles fit nicely in my hands, the quick attachment system of rope to handle is stellar, the easy smooth spin of the swivels, and even though you can use the included tool to remove the ends, cut the ropes and reattach the ends, I chose to tie knots in the rope for proper adjustment. I prefer, by standing one foot in the middle of the rope, the ends of the rope are about an inch and a half below my ****** line. When adjusted, the rope barely skims the gym floor. I started with the thin rope, to eventually build up to the heavier cables. It took a little bit to adjust to the difference from the speed rope to this, but I was able to build up to a continuous hundred jumps. Time to add the weights, very easy to unscrew the end caps, slide in the weights and screw them in, tighten with the tool. The weights add just enough to make a difference but not heavy to be unbearable. After the same hundred jumps I could feel my forearms and biceps getting that familiar burn. It has been a long time since I broke sweat and breathed heavy from jumping, this rope did it. The thin cable is close to being a speed rope, with just enough cable weight to add a small amount of resistance. A lot of thought, planning and R&D went into creating this system. It works. I’m looking forward to eventually moving up to the next heavier rope. The weighted ropes have brought new energy to my workouts. It was definitely an excellent purchase. I would recommend this system to anyone seeking a great jump rope workout.