Queen Bee Royal Smoothie


🐝 AMAZING NUTRITION - Bee bread is one of the healthiest and most nutritious substances in nature, making it a great food supplement. Create your own superfood smoothie with this bee bread extract!

🐝 HOLISTIC HEALTH SUPPORT - Everyone can benefit from this bee bread powder mix. Great for raising endurance in sports, supporting mental activity, and as an additional protein source.

🐝 ENHANCED POTENCY - In addition to our bee bread, this smoothie mix also contains royal jelly and bee propolis powder for greater effect. Boost energy levels and strengthen immunity in a natural way.

🐝 EASILY DIGESTED - Powerful yet gentle on your system, Bee Pearl Power is a smoothie superfood that is quickly digested. Bee bread is much easier for your body to absorb than unfermented pollen.

🐝 FULLY ORGANIC - Quality matters. Bee Pearl Power is a 100% organic product, and the pollen is gathered by our bees from over two hundred plant varieties in the wild green grasslands of Latvia.

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