Queen Bee Royal SuperFood


🐝 100% PURE & ORGANIC - Packed with bee bread, the β€œelixir” of life, our all-natural Bee Pearls are gathered by our bees from over 200 plant varieties from the wild green grasslands of Latvia.

🐝 SUPPORTS OVERALL HEALTH - Our nutrient-rich food supplements contain over 250 biologically active ingredients that may help strengthen the immune system, boost metabolism, and speed up healing.

🐝 EXCELLENT SOURCE OF NUTRIENTS - Our fully concentrated bee pearl capsules contain amino acids, micro and macro elements, biologically active compounds, and the widest spectrum of vitamins.

🐝 EASY TO DIGEST & ABSORB - Only 40% of bee pollen nutrients can be digested by the body. Because the bee bread we use is fermented, you are able to absorb 100% of its proteins and other nutrients.

🐝 FROM A FAMILY THAT CARES - A family tradition, Bee Pearl has been around for three generations. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, contact us so we can make it right.

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