Why the Buddy Lee Jump Ropes System

TRX – Randy Hetrick, Founder: “We have a long standing relationship with the Buddy Lee brand and training system, featured in our Ropes and Straps videos. Buddy Lee is the King of Jump Rope!”

9Round – Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson, Founder: “My goal is to align my brand with the absolute best, creme de la creme, partners out there.  When we started having Jump Rope quality issues, only one name came to my mind.  Buddy Lee.  Not only does he make the absolute best Jump Ropes, but his education is second to none.  9Round is a proud partner with the Buddy Lee brand.”

CrossFit – Greg Glassman, Creator and Founder: “It’s a pleasure to witness Buddy doing what he loves, whether demonstrating in person or sharing his years of expertise. His methodology, develops the athlete at all stages by increasing jump rope proficiency and capacity. A decade ago, Buddy described our shared principles of functionality, intensity, and variety as a hope for “taking us back to the basics and setting the standards that can help our nation to regain its health. Jump rope is a great tool to that end, and Buddy Lee is the best”.

BOSU – David Weck, Creator of WeckMethod and the CEO and Founder of BOSU Fitness: “It was Buddy Lee who inspired me to really start training with a rope.  Now ropes are integral in my training and I thank Buddy for all he’s done to promote the art and science of jump rope.  Buddy is electrifying with a jump rope, and he’s a wonderful teacher.  His athletic prowess speaks for itself and I know he credits much of his ability and accomplishments to his rope training.  No matter who you are, you owe it to yourself to learn what Buddy teaches!”

Yahoo Sports: “Buddy Lee – the Baddest Jumper on the Planet”

Men’s Health, by Gunnar Peterson, LA Top Strength Coach: “The Aero Speed is the smoothest, fastest, best-balanced rope, period”

Men’s Fitness Magazine: Aero Speed featured among “101 Things Every Fit Guy Must Own” 

Men’s Health Magazine: featuring Aero Speed “Jumping rope is the quickest way to get loose for your lifts while also giving your forearms a good pump. The high-tech swivel handles lets you go as fast as you can. Sure, the Olympic teams use this brand, but we were sold when we saw it comes with its own wrench”

GQ Magazine: featuring Aero Speed “Jumping rope is a nearly perfect exercise – Maybe the most efficient way to work off a Big Mac’s worth of calories. But most jump ropes are very imperfect: too short, too stiff, and too crappy. Former Olympic wrestler Buddy Lee made the Aero Speed length-adjustable and added swivels for smooth spins. Now you have no excuse for not for getting your Pacquiao on”.

Mohammed Ali (1997 Ali World Cup Classic): “Buddy, you’re great man, you’re great!”

THE WHITE HOUSE – PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON (1996 US OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS IN LIFE SPEECH, EASTERN H.S., WASHINGTON DC): “Whoever arranged this presentation, so that I could follow Buddy Lee, should find a new line of work. Wasn’t he wonderful!”

FBI – Kevin Chimento (Physical Training Assistant): “Thank you for demonstrating the positive effects of rope jumping for law enforcement personnel.  It will help them improve their cardiovascular endurance and develop their hand/eye coordination and allow them to exercise when on field assignments”.

DEA – Peter F Gruden (Special Agent US Dept of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration):

“We are committed to support any and all communities in the implementation of the innovative concepts of the Jumping Buddies Club.”


Christine Krall (Former National Programs Director): “My sincerest thanks on being such an integral inspiration and incredible resource to our sport. I look forward to having you guide our top juvenile skaters and Olympic hopefuls for the years 2006 and 2010”.

Audrey Weisiger(Former US Olympic Coach, Coach of Mark Weiss – National Champion skater and Olympic Bronze Medalist): “I use rope jumping as part of the training and conditioning program for all my young skaters.  I am particularly impressed with how rope jumping has increased the ‘efficiency of movement’ of my athletes”.


Michael Gostigian (US Olympian & World Record holder): “Not a day goes by without me using this rope – in every training I use it for warming up in fencing, weight training, and even for swimming I need it! (a 5 – 10 min. session on the pool deck saves me from spending excessive time and mental energy in the water).  Also, I use it as a substitute for my running training when there is inclement in weather.  As you know this jump rope you designed is the best on the market and an athlete’s best training partner.  So thanks for helping me out and being an integral part of my Olympic training”.


Ignatius Rusli (Former Asst. Coach ): “Compared to our former equipment and program, Buddy’s USA Magic Speed Rope and 10 min. Jump Rope Program has proven far more effective and advanced in developing stamina, explosiveness and lightning quick reflexes”.

Kevin Han (Nat. Champion and US Olympian): “Buddy’s USA Magic Speed Rope (and 10 min. Jump Rope Program has helped me increase my arm, foot and wrist speed on the court. It has also helped me develop my endurance and stamina”.


Raphael Park (U.S. Collegiate Nat. Champ): “The USA Magic Speed Rope is the best jump rope I have ever used. I am 25 years old and have been skipping rope as part of my training since I was 11 years old, and this is the best rope I have ever used. It has given me a new way to train that is helping me with explosiveness”.

USA WRESTLING (Freestyle and Greco Roman)

Kurt Angle – Freestyle 220 lb. class (Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion, WWE Wrestler): “I train with The USA Magic Speed Rope twice a week. It is phenomenally quick and has helped me to train better than ever”.

Kevin Jackson – Freestyle 180 lb. Class (Olympic Gold Medalist, 3X World Champion): “Among many different cross training techniques, I use rope jumping to improve my wrestling skills and over all condition. The USA Magic Speed Rope, is the fastest turning rope I’ve ever used. It makes jumping fun”!

Dennis Hall – Greco Roman 125 lb. Class (Olympic Silver Medalist, Olympian, World Champion): “The USA Magic Speed Rope responds to directional change and turns very quickly for a great work out. I use it to get my heart rate up and to simulate the intensity in my wrestling matches, so that I feel ready when I step on the mat”.

Dan Chandler (Former Head Coach US Olympic Wrestling Team, 3X US Olympian Wrestler, 2X Olympic Wrestling Team Coach): “All of my top athletes use Buddy Lees’ products and training system.  As a cross training tool, the magic speed rope and jump 4 speed training program are unsurpassed in developing foot speed, agility, acceleration and explosive power.  No matter what sport you do, training with Buddy Lees’ system will help you make dynamic strides towards reaching the next level in your preparation”


D’AnyaBierria (National Champion in judo, National Champion in freestyle wrestling): “The USA Magic Speed Rope has helped me with my endurance, speed and has allowed me to quickly change from one technique to another, which is very important in judo and freestyle wrestling.”


Kirk Bauer (Executive Director): “We would like to commend you on the excellent instructional session you performed at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center.  Your expertise in the area of plyometrics, resistance training and jump roping proved both education and motivational for our athletes.   These athletes are now implementing performance developing skills, shown by you, into their elite Paralympic volleyball training”.


Dayn La Ree (Martial Arts and owner of Han Guek Kwan): “I am compelled to express my appreciation for your fantastic jump ropes.  I needed a way to develop coordination, rhythm and endurance in my students and decided to incorporate rope jumping to reach those goals. I purchased several of every jump rope from every supplier I could find.  I then provided all the ropes to our students to see what would happen.  By the end of the third month, the students were “fighting” over your speed ropes.  Only the USA Magic Speed Ropes were adjustable, quick on rotation and durable enough to withstand the unintended abuse given them by our less proficient jumpers.  Thanks”!


Robert Ctvrtlik (Olympic Gold Medalist): “I have begun to work out with your rope 2 times per week, and I have definitely noticed a little spring coming back in my jump. Once again thanks for the fantastic jump rope, and I am telling all of my friends/acquaintances about my results”.


Johnny Angel (President US Professional Tennis Registry Florida, Coach to player on the ATP and WTA Tours): “I first met Buddy at the US Open in 1999 and was amazed at his knowledge and willingness to help design a jump rope program for tennis player.  Well let me say that what he came up with was outstanding and far exceeded my wildest dreams.  We have seen impressive results using Buddy’s program and products at my tennis academy Johnny Angel World Class Tennis.  All I can say is I recommend Buddy Lee to anyone who wants serious fitness gains and wants to maintain their level of fitness.  Keep up the good work Buddy.  Tennis needs you”.

Tom Jilly (Director Van der Meer Junior Academy): “I would like to personally thank you for your presentation to our players.  It isn’t often that someone can keep 50 kids interested in fitness for as long as you did.  Your high energy personality and fun demeanor kept everyone interested and motivated. You showed us a tough fitness routine in just a few minutes and we have incorporated your ideas into our weekly program.  Many of the players are trying to master some of the more complicated moves you showed them – who knows, maybe we have a budding grasshopper among our midst”.

Chuck Wolf, MS (Director of Human Motion Associates, Fitness Industry Leader): “The first time I saw Buddy Lee, I was absolutely amazed at the talent he displayed as a jump rope expert.  Over the years, I have had many discussions with him regarding the use of jump rope as a cross training modality in different sports.  What impressed me most was Buddy’s understanding of force absorption and the ability for the body to harness the energy to produce efficient propulsion.  His book, Jump Rope Training, succinctly explains how to position the body for success through sound biomechanical principles.  After learning his techniques, you can add jump rope as another training method for speed, agility, and reactiveness that is effective and fun!”

Maureen Hagan ((BSc PT, BA PE, International Health, Wellness, and Anti-Aging Expert): “Buddy’s Jump Rope training is more than an exercise program that helps increase speed, agility, strength, balance, power and endurance. It is a comprehensive training system, created by a master jump rope expert and conditioning consultant for the U.S. Olympics. This training system educates fitness professionals how to train themselves and their clients—from the most beginner fitness participant to the highly fit and elite athlete. I have personally worked with Buddy Lee and have witnessed the quality of his training system and his ability to teach his winning jump rope techniques to anyone. He is inspiring to watch and to learn from.”

Gray Cook (MSPT, OCS, CSCS, internationally recognized physical therapist, orthopedic certified specialist and certified strength and conditioning specialist): “I feel Buddy Lee’s approach to cross conditioning for sports represents all the best of science, innovation, and practicality. He does not focus on rigid programming, equipment, or fitness trends.  His focus is on the body (where the focus of all conditioning should start). He emphasizes timing, coordination, agility, body awareness and body control. These elements provide both improved performance and injury prevention. These are also the words we use to describe the great ones’. All great sports coaches have continuously maintained a focus on fundamentals (no matter how great or popular they may have become). I feel Buddy represents the same fundamentals philosophy for conditioning. I consider him a friend, a peer and an expert in his field”.

Jason Otter (former Division I and professional player, World Renowned Clinician and NBA Pro Trainer): “We have found proper jump rope training with applied exercise science principles to be one of the most useful tools we use in
developing foot speed and agility with our clients from the NBA level all the way down to our elite prep players.  The aero speed jump rope is not only easy to use and very transportable but our clients enjoy using it once they become familiar with our training techniques.  I have been involved with jump rope technology and Buddy Lee products for over 5 years now and have shot four videos using their product and would recommend them to anyone from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior”.

Dr. Emily Splichal (Podiatrist, Human Movement Specialist and Global Leader in Barefoot Science and Rehabilitation.): “Buddy Lee has created an amazing jump rope system that demonstrates the importance of foot function in fitness.  It is a fun and effective way to build foot strength and foot reaction time.  I would recommend the Buddy Lee jump rope system to my clients and patients!  Thanks Buddy!”

Wayne Pickering (N.D., Sc.M., Author; Speaker, “Triathlete” 1996;1997 nominee for the Healthy American Fitness Leader Award): When I was in Vietnam, I took up jumping rope as I didn’t have a place to work out and keep in shape. And to stay alive, you need to be agile, have good coordination, great speed as well as keen alertness. I couldn’t believe how well the jump rope kept me in shape in such a short amount of time. So for 32 years I’ve been enjoying the benefits of jumping rope and it was 3 years ago when I had the distinct privilege of meeting Buddy Lee. To say it was a pleasure would be a mild expression. His Magic Speed Rope is more than superior to all the other jump ropes…his is the only jump rope! It makes rope jumping as much fun as it can be and equally beneficial to your health. Whatever goal you may have with your fitness program, you have to win when you use this marvel of engineering. “The Buddy Lee Magic Speed Rope and his 10 min. Jump Rope Program!”

John Naber (Olympic Gold Medalist Swimming): “I want to tell you how please I am to have one of your ropes, and how much fun I am having, by exercising just 5 minutes a day.  The rope is so easy to take with me on the road, I can get a good heart rate going in just 60 seconds, and I am constantly trying to improve on my prior performances.  It is a truly Olympian routine, all thanks to your evangelistic zeal”.

Mark Pizzi (Former President of Nationwide Insurance Direct and Member Solutions): “Dear Buddy, I have been jumping with your Jump Rope and Program for three years.  It has helped me to loose 40 lbs. and I was recently promoted to Vice President of Nationwide Insurance.  Thanks, Buddy”.

Emmie Pehush: “Sometimes you see someone doing something that really speaks to your heart, for me that person is my hero Buddy Lee, jumping rope.  The passion he exudes for his jumping, sparked something inside me, that made me want to be better and be the best version of me I can be.

This is my story. About two years ago I took a look in the mirror and was very unhappy with what I was seeing.  I had a spinal fusion and consequently I put on weight.  I was depressed and was prescribed medication for that which caused me to gain more weight.  I needed and wanted to change.  I had always been active and athletic my whole life and I honestly did not recognize the person staring back at me in the mirror.  I decided it was time and I would do whatever it would take to regain my health and fitness.  No more excuses.  I had tried to get back into running and it just wasn’t doing it for me.  I really wanted to learn something new that would be fun and challenging.  I needed an activity that was low impact, but explosive, something that would get my heart rate up, help build my endurance, coordination and tone my whole body.  I scoured the internet looking for a sport or fitness activity that would be the right fit for my lifestyle and the goals I wanted to achieve.  I was on YouTube and I found Buddy Lee.  I was amazed by what I saw and I knew then that I wanted to learn to jump rope.

I bought myself a Buddy Lee Jump Rope and began to learn jump roping with his system of jump rope training.  Buddy Lee’s jump ropes are the best I have ever jumped with, they are quick, light weight and do not tangle.  I started off with the trying to achieve the perfect jump, then the basic bounce step and then I added the alternate-foot step.  With focus and perseverance I worked my way through Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Progressions and it was so satisfying to learn the new steps and techniques over the weeks and months.

Today I continue to learn and hone my skills, which is one of the things I love about the jump rope.  You can take jumping as far as you want, as it trains your mind as well as your body.  Because of this, something really special was happening to me over the next year and a half and people began to notice.  I was transforming; I had transformed.  Not only was I changing on the outside, losing 45 lbs. and looking toned and fit, but my quickness, mental alertness and confidence was up and I had an inner peace that was missing before.  My depression was gone and I was no longer taking any medication for that.  Through Buddy Lee I also found Dr. Sara Solomon, one of Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Ambassadors and began to follow her system of intermittent fasting and flexible dieting, I incorporated the jump rope into the HIIT workouts I was doing each morning and did an additional jump rope work out in the evenings.  Between the jumping and the attention to my diet and nutrition I had completely changed both inside and out.  My energy levels drastically increased and hence my endurance.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in my early 20’s so my life prior to jumping rope was constantly trying to fight feelings of tiredness and lethargy.  Those feelings became a thing of the past.

I proceeded to pursue other goals that previously were just too outside my comfort zone.  I competed in the Merrell Down and Dirty, a 5k mud run and obstacle course set up by the military for Operation Gratitude.  It is a challenging course with many difficult obstacles such as a rock wall, a cargo netted 18 wheeler truck and stop and start calisthenics drills.  This past July I ran the race for the second time.  I had not run once that year, I only jumped rope for my cardio conditioning.  I was hoping I remembered how to run.  Well, not only did I remember how to run, but I was passing people left and right and I cut my time from the previous year over seven and a half minutes.  This was all due to the conditioning, endurance and weight loss I achieved from learning Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Skills.  It proved to me that it was the perfect complement to any other sport I wanted to pursue and it gave me the competitive edge that I had never had before.

I will be 49 in March and I am in the best shape of my life.  Jumping rope has changed my life.  I can’t thank Buddy Lee enough for creating his jump ropes and system of jump rope training.  It has been essential in helping me to transform into the person I knew I could be.  I want to inspire other others to jump the way Buddy Lee has inspired me.  I want people to believe in themselves and know they can make permanent and lasting changes in their own lives.  Let go of the excuses, just pick up the rope and jump.  If I can do it, so can you”.

Alex Manos

I love Buddy Lee products! I have been jumping rope on & off for 25 years, but religiously for the last 10 years or so 3-5 days a week. I’ve tried many different jump ropes. There’s an old saying that “You get what you pay for.” That saying is no more apropos than here in regards to this product! I bought the Aero Speed jump rope in 2014 & I replaced the bearings once (which is super easy). I will literally get a lifetime of use out of them, because when one piece wears out or breaks, you can get replacement parts for them & they are very inexpensive! I’ve replaced a couple of ropes over the years & the paint on the handles is worn/dinged in a few places, but who cares! The smoothness of the bearings & the non-tangling rope are designed so you can jump smoother & faster so one is able to do many different exercises/tricks with them versus lesser quality jump ropes. I prefer the black cord for feel & speed the most. Thank you Buddy Lee, his company, but most of all for his service to his country!

Emmanuel Z. Karabetis

I’ve been using Buddy Lee ropes since 2011 and, no matter what brand of rope I try using, I always come back to Buddy Lee. I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve gone through 4 or 5 pairs of bearings and 4 ropes, but the handles are still intact and show no signs of wear.


Best jump rope I have ever used. Everyone who has tried mine agrees. The Rolls Royce of jump ropes!

Adv Kashan Riaz from Pakistan

Hey Buddy Lee Jump Ropes.. I want to explain a little bit about my experience.. I used to watch Buddy Lee’s video online.. I got impressed then i decided I will try my best to touch a little bit glimpse of my Inspiration… But one thing that hit my mind behind that I am alone.. I have no one to teach.. Then I bucked up myself that My inspiration and my gem Buddy Lee is here up me all the time.. Then I started observing his footsteps.. The way he moves, I started copying him…I had no proper space and recommended flooring for this task.. I worked hard at my home.. Here is the video which I sent to you.. Kindly show this to my inspiration Mr. Buddy Lee and tell him that the person who is so far from you, actually takes you with him all the time.. Much love and respect… Thank you, Adv Kashan Riaz

Eric Albarracin

This is the best jump rope for fighters & wrestlers, really Any sport that requires quick footwork. I coach some of the best fighters in the @ufc& @bellator and I have them all using @buddyleejumpropes.

Sunil Chandiramani

Buddy lee jump rope training system rocks, I own almost all of the ropes by Buddy lee, absolutely love em.

Kenny Faafetai Lester

Best Jump Ropes in the game! Nothing intimidates your opponent like a sick buddy Lee jump rope warm up routine.

Thomas Cotton Senneff Jr

My marine teammate still has it! A true inspiration!

John Renfrow

Best Jump rope I’ve ever used. When I bought my first one over 10 years ago I had a question about the length because I’m 6’5″ and most jump ropes were too short. Buddy called me himself to reassure me his rope would work and of course he was correct. These are quality ropes. My first one just broke in the middle after 10 years most likely because of the way I stored it in my gym bag so I ordered a new one and got a replacement rope as well. Now my 15 year old 6’2″ son will get the new one and I’ll stick with my old reliable rope. I think I paid 25.00 or 30.00 for my original rope 10 years ago so for about 3.00 a year I got the best piece of workout gear I own. Sadly I jump nothing like Buddy but I jump between sets when I lift and it keeps my heart rate up and I don’t have to do long boring cardio. Thanks Buddy for providing a quality product and excellent customer service.

Aaron Wirtz

I’ve been jumping with the Master jump rope for over three years now and I recommend it to everyone who will listen. I love the DVD, the book, the ropes, and of course, Buddy himself. Rope to Success!

Matt Lamb

Amazing jump rope. Amazing guy! Best jump rope I’ve ever used.

Leeanne PT Mason

Best jump rope! I’ve tried several different ones over the years and this by far is the best one!

James Long

Just got mine yesterday first jump 601 straight best jump rope ever. Previous high was 250 with another jump rope. I’m a personal trainer and jump rope is part every session now. Can’t wait to get certified from Buddy Lee program

Emmie Pehush

I love Buddy Lee and Buddy Lee’s jump ropes. I can’t say enough great things about his ropes. They are so well designed; super quick and they don’t tangle. Awesome ropes! They are the best I have ever jumped!

George Bell

Great ropes and Buddy is excellent at educating other’s to bring out their best regardless of sport.

Douglas Boyle

If you skip do yourself a favour and invest in one of these ropes. Above and beyond anything else I’ve used. 🙂 great stuff buddy.

Sheila Thelen

Best jump rope EVER!!! Love this!
Seriously! You need to buy this.


I am a fan of thank you for the technique to double under

Ted Nichols

The most awesome rope on the market

Emmanuel Z. Karabetis

I’ve been using Buddy Lee ropes since 2011 and, no matter what brand of rope I try using, I always come back to Buddy Lee. I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve gone through 4 or 5 pairs of bearings and 4 ropes, but the handles are still intact and show no signs of wear.

Joel Vasquez

You’re the man Buddy! You’re ropes are the best I make sure my to let my clients and training partners all know who the baddest rope sprinter is and how amazing the product is

Rami Ziadeh

Been using your ropes for more than 5 years now, amazing quality, amazing speed. Helped me go from never skipping in my life to a rather advanced level. Thank you! And you should check out my page, just to let me know what you think 🙂

Jota Medina

This rope is by far the best rope and so worth the money.


Picked mine up at the CrossFit Games this year. I Love it! Ditching my other 15 ropes! Love just one day and my single skills have improved! Thanks Buddy Lee Jump Ropes coming to Demo with your team!

Christian Lee

You were my reassurance 3 years ago when I decided ropes were my fitness passion. I change my body composition for anaerobic and plyometric training, all because I thought “once people see what`s possible with these things Buddy Lee Jump Ropes they will never (have to) look back. Thank you for living your passion..It`s lighting a path of so many of us.

K.Nicole Jackson

If you know me well, you know how much I love to jump rope. It was a mandatory exercise included within my boxing training and in the beginning it was really challenging for me. I’ve trained with many different types of ropes and broke more than a handful of them in the process.  Yesterday I received a great surprise that left me smiling like a big kid! I’ve been talking about getting one for a while now and if you know about jump ropes, this is the BEST OF THE BEST on the market.  The Buddy Lee Aero Speed Rope.


My Buddy Lee Aero Speed jump rope helped me win 1st place and Over All Champion at my NPC Competition. Thank you @buddyleejumpropes for helping me jump to success


Just bought your jump rope program and love the content and the professional quality. Hope to meet you in person one day..all the best

Santa Perle

I officially took back jump rope to my training as warm up…and haven’t lose my level 1 Buddy Lee certification skills…amazing feeling. So long time- amazing experience…and i love my Buddy Le Jump Rope.


The speed rope is awesome. It`s really well weighted and swings smoothly. It makes me a better jumper.

Peter Quillin

All love. I have been a fan of your products since you introduced me to the ropes early in my career and has help me become a champion that i have become today.

Mitchell Murphy

One of the best tools that you can have in your gym bag. I attribute my abs, conditioning, vertical jumps and my calves to this skinny piece of rope right here.


Your jump rope technique helped me lose 65 lbs when I was 18. I jumped rope every day and went from 235lb down to 170 lbs in 6 months. Since then I have developed info into lifestyle of bodybuilding and nutrition. It’s been a while since I have jumped rope, but I plan on making it my primary form of cardio session. Thanks for being a conduit to my transformation, Buddy.

Buddy Lee Jump Rope Chris Rawlins

For those of you that don’t know exactly what you’re seeing, feast your eyes on the Buddy Lee Aero Speed GREEN HORNET.  6.5″ Aircraft Grade Aluminum handles, frictionless swivel bearings, and a perfectly balanced coated cable speed rope. This, my friends, is the Lamborghini of jump ropes.


Best ropes I have ever used! The Aerospeed`s are amazing!


Brilliant ropes, I’m getting there just lots and lots of practice, but my speak is impeccable to what it was before I started skipping, my boxing ability has gone through the roof with my skipping work outs, my foot work, my Brain is so much sharper with such precise movements from skipping, yes all this has happened to me just from skipping, it is the very best in more ways than none, trust me get skipping today and be who you want to be. Love from yours truly. MR.P

Chris Chamorro

The best jumpropes ever!

Elcardio roper

Just added a new cord to my jumprope #buddyleejumpropes this is seriously the best jumprope out there! I will never use another rope. I’ve been buying the same model since 2006 wrestling, actually I’m gonna order another rope today!


The best jump rope in the world, you want results this what you need buddyleejumpropes, thank you champ. God bless you my brother


We continue to believe @buddyleejumpropes are the best #jumpropeswag we recommend to our clients. We use them personally and have developed moderate to advanced skill levels with the ease and smooth functionality of these ropes. So when our people get one of their own, it immediately becomes their best cardio friend on the go. @debbie_physed even recommends to the ladies how easily they fold into a purse! I don’t leave home without at least 2 in the quiver…Be ready! Stay ready

Dave: “I am an Army veteran, gained a lot of weight, and was at 265 during my last doctor visit. I jump roped every day with headphones and a round timer, and am now doing an hour a day non-stop, 5-6 days a week. I eat until I am full, do not worry about cutting calories, and just try to eat balanced meals. In the course of 1 year, I now weigh 204, and have more endurance, speed, and agility than I have had in years. It is better than running, because there is a playful element to it, rather than repetitive locomotion. I just want to thank Buddy Lee for his inspiration from a happy customer”

Robert Nelson: “I’d like to thank you for such a superior product. My dad a retired Marine gave me my first buddy lee jump rope back when I was attending the Naval Academy years ago. I have used it in almost every work out since then. It’s proved it’s more than its weight in gold on deployments. Thank you”.

Rudy Quintero: “I am a 50 year old who fell in love with jump roping a little over a year and a half ago. I included it in my daily boxing workouts and always tried to progress and learn new skills to keep my workouts interesting and challenging.  The triple under was one I could never seem to master with my name brand wire jump rope. Once I received your Super Sonic Speed Rope I finally accomplished that goal. I can’t believe what a difference it made! I just wanted to let you know how great your ropes are. Here’s a video I’d like to share that   I made only week after I started using your rope”

Debbie Nguyen (Lead Fitness Trainer/Fitness Event Coordinator):

“I picked up a Buddy Lee Jump Rope 3 years ago and have been hooked ever since. My jump rope means so much to me because it has been my go to exercise tool throughout my entire weight loss journey.
I remember the first time I picked up this rope and started jumping. I fell in love with it right away and ordered my own rope that very same day. With it, I went from weighing in at 220lbs jumping down to 145lbs. I use my jump rope for my warm ups, my cardio workouts, and I love to incorporate it with my strength training workouts”

Carol Edzenga: “Buddy Lee you are amazing.  Your video motivated me to add jump rope to my daily workout at the gym.  Since jumping I have increased my cardiovascular endurance more than any piece of cardio equipment at the gym.  Also as an asthmatic with exercise educed asthma, my breathing and lung capacity have improved leaps and bounds.

Carol Edzenga: “I had bought your aero speed jump rope. I will say that it has taken me to a jump rope level I had never thought possible. Now I do about 5-6000 jump ropes a session about one hour in duration. It has brought my blood pressure down as well as my pulse rate”.

Ray A. Paytiamo: “I am a Native American man, 61 years of age, and Certified Aerobics Instructor here in the Shiprock, N.M. area. I have developed my own style of “Dancercising” aerobics, utilizing jump roping during the high impact phase of the work-out!  I’m also a Certified Physical Fitness specialist!  In June of 2003, I took the Cooper Institute National Physical Fitness Test and, scored a SUPERIOR rating!!! I strongly believe it is attributed to the Jump Roping I have incorporated into my “Dancercising” sessions! Also, I Captain and play on a basketball team with members 25 years younger than me, and because of jump roping, I have more energy and speed than the majority of them!! My leaping ability has also greatly improved! I am definitely sold on Jumping Rope as a way to become physically fit!!!”

PB in New York: “I am a 48 year old business executive who travels constantly and spent a lot of time searching for an enjoyable fitness routine that I could fit into my schedule with minimum time commitment and maximum benefit. I discovered Buddy and his jump roping program three years ago based on the recommendation of a professional trainer. At first I was skeptical whether someone like me could learn an entirely new athletic skill and stick with it. Since then I have become an avid practitioner and take my jump rope everywhere. I have literally jump roped in too many countries to count throughout Europe and Asia. It’s the perfect piece of equipment because it packs light and I can use it in my hotel room if a hotel gym is unavailable. I consistently jump 3-5 times per week and Buddy’s rope is both beautifully engineered and indestructible. Since I started using Buddy’s rope I’ve lost 12 pounds, reduced my resting heart rate and SIGNIFICANTLY increased my aerobic endurance. I’m not receiving anything in return for this recommendation because I feel that the jump rope I purchased from Buddy is one of the best health related investments I have ever made”.

AKA The Jump Rope Doctor: “First let me start off by saying, I am (57 years of age), and the reason I am writing to you is to thank you for the change that you have made in my life, not only with my health, but with my attitude as well.

Sir, always I have shared a great love for jumping rope, and at times whenever I was mad at someone I would jump rope to burn off the anger inside of me, little did I know at the time that I was also creating a better health for myself.

Like I mention early, I’ve always loved to jump, but I never knew anything about the benefits of jumping, so not to make a long story—long, I will try to get straight to the point.

I’ve been incarcerated for 34 yrs, and with God’s blessing, I’ll be home soon. To get into my story, I arrived here at Tucson, on May 14th, 2009, and upon my arrival after a few days I went looking for the gym and yes! a jump rope.

One day while jumping for what seemed like an hour or more and getting a good sweat going, I stopped and took a stroll around the gym floor, not realizing that I was being observed by the recreation specialist, Mr. Morales, well upon returning the rope to the equipment room, I was approached by Mr. Morales who asked to speak to me in his office. I thought maybe I had violated some type of institutional rule, but what he asked me caught me off guard, he said have you ever thought about teaching a jump rope class, to which I answered that I had not, he then asked if I would be interested in teaching one. I informed him that I knew nothing of how to teach guys to jump, because for me it came natural. He then said he had information and a DVD of a U.S. Olympian Wrestler and Jump Rope Trainer, by the name of Buddy Lee, and he said that by watching the DVD I could become even a better jumper then I was now. So I watched your DVD and after a few days I saw that I had become not good, but very good. So soon after I started a class of my own, and have taught over 200 inmates here in Tucson how to jump the Buddy Lee way. Also for me, my cholesterol has dropped from 226 mg/dl to 150, and all this from just jumping rope seeing your training.

Sir, we hold classes on Mon-Wed-Fri for 1-hr. and one of my students tells me that he’s seen you at this High School once.

Well sir, let me close by saying that I can now do all (17 jump moves), all except the one where you are sitting on the floor on your butt jumping, I have a couple of guys out of my class who can do the butt jump very well (smile).

Well once again, I thank you as do my class, my only wish at this moment is, it would be a dream come true to watch you in person, but that’s just one old man’s dream. In closing I’d like to say that I have or had a student, but who is now also a jump rope instructor, his name is Mr. Moristo and he’s a Native American, and if you saw him jump, it would truly blow your mind, this guy is amazing. Sir, it has been a great pleasure to write to you, and this letter goes out to you with great admiration. Thank You”.

Jonathan: “I am 70 years old and daily work on a regimen of around 5,000 jumps per. 30 min.. I have been doing this for nearly nine years now. Of course I did not begin at that level, but have gradually worked may way up and I seldom miss a day. I have also found that I have to make my own type of so called “rope” with the right kind of handles. I use a plastic covered thin wire, usually found at True Value Hardware. It has great speed. I attempt to do two hundred bursts and can do it in about a minute. I constantly tell people how wonderful that exercise is, but few follow my advice. I wish I could find others in my area of Tacoma, WA who loved to jump as I do”.

Chris Wagers: “Hello Buddy, I just want to say that I am amazed at this jump rope.  I decided not long ago to start jumping again (I’m 35 yrs. old)  I went and bought a speed rope from Dicks Sporting Goods.  It was the best they had.  I got home and tried to use it and only managed 150 rotations before it started tangling.  I decided to go with the Aero Speed after seeing it on your site and reading some reviews.  Almost the first time I used it I made 200 rotations with no tangles but had to stop because I ran out of breath because I haven’t exercised for a while.  I’m for sure gonna keep you informed as I progress and after I get a little better I’m hoping to buy one of your DVD’s.  I have been telling people how awesome this rope is although some find it hard to believe it can be that good.  I just have to laugh because I know it really is”.

Fred Bixby: “I’ve been jumping rope for close to 35 years. I started back in high school when my basketball coach was big on jumping rope to help increase our vertical jump and quickness for the players. I continued for years by jumping rope to warm up before weight training for around 5 minutes for my cardio workout, instead of running.

For the past 15 years I’ve been jumping rope for my main cardio workout. I usually lift weights for 40 minutes followed by 20 minutes of jumping rope in an interval training format 3 times a week. I believe for me jumping rope is the best cardio workout because it incorporates cardiovascular conditioning, coordination, balance, quickness and gives me the ability to perform numerous variations of movements to make it more interesting.

Over the years I have used various types of jump ropes from regular rope, beaded, leather, weighted rope, and vinyl. But after years of trial and error I have found the Buddy Lee Aero Speed Rope to be the best overall jump rope on the market today. Buddy Lee turned me onto his jump ropes at a fitness tradeshow over 10 years ago in Atlanta and I have never used any other type of jump rope since.

I’m going to turn 50 this March and contribute rope jumping for keeping me in shape for my active lifestyle of competitive water skiing, basketball, snowboarding, and just to be able to have the energy to keep up with my kids. I plan to continue jumping rope for the rest of my life because I enjoy it so much and know it is an effective cardio workout.

Thanks Buddy for your great jump rope!”

Antonio Cancino: “A while back I stopped by your office to purchase a jump rope.  I had the chance to meet Buddy Lee and he recommended a whole package, which included a book, CD, rope and DVD.  He was so kind… Actually he sat down and wrote a program for me.  He talked to my about food and so many things.  Well, I added jump rope to my workouts and today I weight 152lbs.  The day I stopped by your office in Virginia, I was about 180 lbs.

I wanted to thank you for all your help.  I will turn 35 years old this year and I’m in the best shape in a long time…  I wear size 30 pants…  I wore pants this little back in high-school.

I bought a new rope a couple of days ago and I thought… man, I haven’t said thank you to Buddy for his help.  Thanks again”

Ed Filice: I am 47 years of age, and have been using a speed rope as a warm-up for weight lifting.  I used your product one time only before my son decided he needed it more than I.  Using your Magic Speed Rope is effortless, (almost).  It’s a treat to have good quality along with a real value. Please send me order information so I can retire my leather rope”.

James Star: “Buddy Lee’s Speed Rope is the best piece of equipment period!  My exercise program consists of shadow jumping, jumping rope, squats (no weights), pushups, crunches and stretches.  It’s a great 30 min. workout and the only piece of equipment required is a Buddy Lee Speed Rope”.