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Jump rope workouts are the gold standard for efficient, effective cardio. Just 10 minutes can provide the same cardiovascular benefits as running a mile in 12 minutes or two full sets of tennis.

But getting the best value from your jump rope workouts requires proper technique and a full fitness plan. 101 Best Jump Rope Workouts is exactly that—101 of the absolute best, most effective jump rope workouts imaginable.

Designed by Buddy Lee, the world’s top expert in jump rope conditioning, these targeted programs let you experience real results and lasting fitness.

Jump Rope Your Way to Total Fitness

Wherever you are, whatever your fitness level, you can always jump rope. Now with this collection of jump rope workouts, you will be up to the challenge. From the basics to advanced workouts, you will discover the key to exciting, fun, and rewarding fitness.

101 Workouts for Every Level:

These targeted programs let you experience real results and lasting fitness whatever your fitness level.

Jump Rope Essentials:

Discover the key moves from the basic step to more advanced skills, including side straddle, bell jump, full twister, double under, and more.

World Jump Rope Expert:

Buddy Lee is the world’s top expert in jump rope conditioning and consults with strength and conditioning coaches worldwide as well as elite athletes. Many fitness organizations, such as CrossFit, have integrated his program into their systems

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Editorial Reviews


“Buddy Lee—the Baddest Jumper on the Planet!”
—Yahoo Sports

“Buddy Lee is the King of Jump Rope!”
— Randy Hetrick’s, Founder of TRX

“…his education is second to none.”
—Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson, Founder of 9Round

“…a must-read for beginners through advanced jump rope enthusiasts who want to take their fitness to the next level.”
—Paul Feciura, President of USA Jump Rope, owner of Youth Sports and Coach of National Champion Jumpers

About the Author

Buddy Lee is known as one of the world’s top experts in jump rope conditioning. He has earned a worldwide reputation with his incredible jump rope skills, putting on 6,000 shows in 50 countries and appearing in TV commercials and talk shows. He has also appeared on CNN Headline News and in Business Week and Parade magazines. Lee is the president and CEO of Jump Rope Tech Technology, Inc., the leading expert in the field of jump rope training for improved sports performance. He is the co-inventor and patent holder of Buddy Lee Speed Ropes, the ropes used by U.S. Olympic athletes. A retired U.S. Marine and U.S. Olympian in wrestling, Buddy now consults with strength and conditioning coaches worldwide as well as elite athletes from various disciplines. Many fitness organizations, such as CrossFit, TRX, KettleBell, HopSports, and MMA, have integrated Buddy Lee’s program into their systems. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Greg Glassman is the creator of CrossFit, a diet and exercise lifestyle prescription, cultural phenomenon, and small business movement. The extraordinary effectiveness of CrossFit’s program–constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement–practiced in a supportive community environment has made CrossFit, Inc. a leading player in global health. After decades of coaching and clinical program development, Glassman started in 2001 to share the “Workout of the Day” and began affiliating gyms using his methods under the CrossFit name in 2003. Currently, more than 14,000 independently-owned gyms and over 200,000 credentialed trainers operate in more than 150 countries. CrossFit has been recognized by the Harvard Business School as the fastest-growing chain ever.


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