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Become Jump Rope Certified! Buddy Lee breaks new ground with a jump rope certification program through his Jump Rope Institute. Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Training Fundamentals interactive online course prepares personal trainers, fitness instructors, and coaches who are planning to take the Jump Rope Institute’s L2 and L3 training certification program as well as athletes and fitness enthusiasts who just want to get the most out of their ropes. – Published by Human Kinetics.


Buddy has been appointed as the Jump Rope Subject Matter Expert to iconic mainstream health & fitness brands such as US Olympic Teams, US Government, CrossFit, TRX, 9Round Fitness, and others. See Buddy Lee’s Bio for more information.



Drawing from his text Jump Rope Training, Second Edition, Lee presents his jump rope training system used by more than 25 U.S. Olympic teams, mixed martial artists, and CrossFitters around the world. Workouts for a variety of sport skills and fitness components are included, such as improved balance, coordination, endurance, weight loss, strength, power, speed, quickness, and agility. The course includes 32 video demonstrations featuring world-class athletes and expert jump ropers showcasing various skills as well as common errors so course participants can identify and correct these errors.

Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Training Fundamentals teaches 18 skills for safely mastering the perfect jump, increasing endurance, and integrating a variety of other basic to intermediate jumping techniques while highlighting how to demonstrate the skills in a teaching capacity. Interactive learning activities allow students to assess and apply their knowledge of the skills learned in the book and online course. Five sample training programs are included as downloadable PDFs, helping students to further develop proficiency and improve conditioning and providing additional guidelines for instructors working with clients to achieve their own goals.

If you’re ready to take your own workouts or the workouts of your clients to the next level, turn to the system that the world’s top coaches, personal trainers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts have come to rely on. Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Training Fundamentals will not only change the way you train but also change how you feel, look, and perform. It’s the proven approach to improving fitness and sport performance while giving you the winning edge.



Unit 1: Getting Ready to Jump


The Buddy Lee System

  • Jump Rope Terminology
  • Benefits of Rope Jumping
  • 3-Step Conditioning Program and Training System

Keys to Safe and Effective Rope Jumping

Ropes and Rope Care

Unit Self-Assessment


Unit 2: Base Phase—Mastering the Perfect Jump


Biomechanics of Rope Jumping

Body Posture, Hand Grip, and Arm Position

Shadow Jumping

Foundational Rope Jumping Steps

  • Bounce Step
  • Alternate-Foot Step

Basic Training Program

Unit Self-Assessment


Unit 3: Conditioning Phase—Skill Set 1


High Step

Side Straddle

Forward Straddle

Skier’s Jump

Bell Jump

Teaching Tips

Unit Self-Assessment


Unit 4: Conditioning Phase—Skill Set 2


Half Twister

Full Twister

X-Foot Cross

Forward Shuffle

Backward Shuffle

Teaching Tips

Unit Self-Assessment


Unit 5: Conditioning Phase—Skill Set 3



Backward Jump

Arm Crossover

Arm Side Swing

Side Swing Jump

Teaching Tips

Unit Self-Assessment


Unit 6: Sports Training Phase—Double Under


Training Effects of G-Forces

Power of Plyometrics

Basic Power Technique: Double Under

Establishing a Baseline

Anaerobic Fitness

High-Intensity Training Programs

Unit Self-Assessment

Course Summary

Course Test

Course Evaluation


Additional Resources

Course Text

Jump Rope Training, Second Edition E-Book

Five Level 1 Training Programs (PDFs):

Basic Training Program

Conditioning Training Program

Sprint Training Program

Endurance Training Program

Weight-Loss Training Program


Proper Grip and Arm Position

Shadow Jumping

Foundational Steps: Bounce and Alternate-Foot Step

15 Training Techniques

Error Correction and Teaching Cues

Power Jump (Double Under)


Approved Credits for: Online Course

ACSM 8.00

AEA 2.00

AFPA 4.00

BCRPA 3.50

canfitpro 4.00

canfitpro- FIS 4.00

canfitpro- PTS 4.00


ECA 4.00

FNB 5.00

HKUSA 4.00

ISSA 4.00

MFC 5.00

NASN 0.40

NCSF 2.00

NETA 4.00

NFPT 1.00

NSPA 4.00

OFC 4.00

OSHF 5.00

REPS 3.00

SKESA 5.00

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