Super Sonic Cable Jump Rope

$32.95 $39.95

Color: Red

World's Fastest Adjustable Cable Rope! By Lee Reisig, 8-Time World Jump Rope Champion and World Record Speed Holder!

SPEED JUMP ROPE - The Super Sonic Jump Rope by Buddy Lee is the world's fastest adjustable cable rope. Used by 8-time World Jump Rope Champion and World Record Speed Holder Lee Reisig, this rope can help you reach your speed goals. This rope can turn at over 7 rotations per second.

JUMP WITH THE BEST - Buddy Lee jump ropes are the high-end, high-performance jump ropes used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and jump rope professionals. Train with a durable, weighted PVC cord and comfortable, lightweight handles to jump higher, faster, and stronger than you ever have before.

TANGLE-FREE SWIVEL BEARING - A special O-ring swivel-bearing system creates tangle-free turning and helps the natural arc of the rope. That means that you can jump faster and perform tricks easier than ever before, without worrying about tangles tripping you up.

DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE - Buddy Lee jump ropes are designed for everyone: beginner or advanced, adult or child. This is more than a rope; it’s a way of life. Jumping rope instilled values of perseverance, success, and commitment in Buddy Lee. What will jump rope teach you?

DIMENSIONS AND DETAILS - These cables are 10' long and made of stainless-steel wire. They are adjustable with wire-cutting pliers and are replaceable after regular wear and tear. Although the material is designed to be durable, we recommend only jumping on smooth surfaces to protect the cords.

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