Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Training Certification – Level 2 and Level 3 are for trainers and coaches that want to teach the application of jump rope for fitness and sports cross training.



L2 Jump Rope Description

Prerequisite: Online L1 Course

The Level 2 Certification takes the theoretical elements of Level 1 to the next stage. It is a hands-on course conducted LIVE via an online platform, like Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, or other.

We combine science and technology to redefine jump rope in a 3-step system. Learn the biomechanics of jumping, how to become proficient, build endurance through safe progressions, specific skills, and programs. 

7-8 hours total completed in 3 days

It includes:

  • History and evolution of jump rope
  • Understanding different forms of jumping besides for single rope
  • Benefits of jump rope and how it compares to other exercises
  • Correct body position and biomechanics of jump rope
  • Basic requirements of jump rope training and proper preparations
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Master jump rope skills in different planes and all directions
  • Understanding the Buddy Lee 3 step system
  • Demonstrate jump rope techniques
  • Be able to perform requested skills with proficiency at varying speed
  • Be able to pass an oral exam
  • Objectives: be able to understand, perform and teach the Buddy Lee jump rope training system to clients

See Level 2 Certification



L3 Jump Rope Description

Prerequisite: L2 and having 40 hours of instructing jump rope to others with video proof.

Learn how to correctly teach the Buddy Lee’s System (Level 1 and 2), in workshops, private and group training sessions for both children and adults. You will be tested and timed on jump rope proficiency, endurance, skills, speed, power (double unders and triple unders) and baseline score (measured in RPS and RPM). You will also learn specific programs for fitness, weight loss, rehabilitation and all sports.

See Level 3 Certification



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Call or Email us to schedule your certification. The Online Level 1 Course is a prerequisite for taking Level 2 and the Level 3