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Buddy Lee is a US Olympian Wrestler who used Jump Rope as a key part of his daily training to win multiple US National, World Military and Armed Forces Wrestling Championships titles. He has traveled the world, educating and motivating millions of people across more than 70 countries. Learn the jump training system used to train the best athletes in the world to include US Olympic Athletes, Cross-fit, TRX, UFC & all sports.

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The BLJR was created by US Olympian Buddy Lee with the intention to inspire people of all ages and abilities to train their inner Champion. He created a patented swivel bearing jump rope technology that revolutionized the jump rope industry across the planet. It transformed the conventional ball bearing jump ropes to the swivel ropes we see today. His technology appears on 90% of jump ropes made across the planet.

Buddy Lee is the King of Jump Rope!

We have a long-standing relationship with the Buddy Lee brand and Training System, featured in our Ropes and Straps videos.

Randy Hetrick

Buddy Lee - the Baddest Jumper on the Planet!

is a high-energy fitness program that combines jump rope training with infectious enthusiasm, making workouts feel like a fun-filled adventure towards fitness success.

Yahoo Sports

Buddy inspires athletes worldwide

Buddy Lee's ropes and training system, are unparalleled in enhancing fitness and health. From police academies to Olympic teams, his expertise has revolutionized training.

Greg Glassman

"Buddy Lee's Jump Rope Training is more than an exercise program

that helps increase speed, agility, strength, balance, power, and endurance. It is a comprehensive training system allowing athletes and fitness enthusiasts to take their workouts to the next level.



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