Buddy Lee Jump Ropes

Beaded Speed Jump Rope - Large

$13.99 USD

BEADED JUMP ROPE - These beaded jump ropes for kids and adults are perfect for school gyms, outdoor jumping, or anywhere else that has a hard surface. This fast, durable outdoor rope is perfect for beginners looking to improve their jump rope skills.

JUMP WITH THE BEST - Buddy Lee jump ropes are the high-end, high-performance jump ropes used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and jump rope professionals. Train with a durable, weighted PVC cord and comfortable, lightweight handles to jump higher, faster, and stronger than you ever have before.

BAMBOO-STYLE HANDLES - The handles on this jump rope for kids and adults are styled to be durable but comfortable. The 8-inch-long handles allow hands of any size to grip the rope and make performing tricks like arm crossovers a breeze.

DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE - Buddy Lee Jump Ropes are designed for everyone, whether beginner or advanced, adults or kids. The lightweight workout jump rope is versatile, and the ergonomic 8-inch handles are comfortable for any hand size. This is more than a rope; it’s a way of life.

DIMENSIONS AND DETAILS - This heavy-duty skipping rope is easily adjustable for people up to 6', so anyone can join in the fun! These ropes will ensure years of high-performance jumping for people of all ages.


Caution: Children should be supervised when jumping rope. To avoid potential injury to self or others check rope cord and handles for breakage before each jumping session.

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