Aero Speed Neoprene Handle Grips


Color: Black

JUMP ROPE GRIP - These neoprene grips for your jump rope handles will add some color, style, and comfort to your Aero Speed jump rope. Whether you need some replacement grips or just want to add some extra flair to your speed rope, these grips are for you.

THE ELITE JUMP ROPE - The Aero Speed Jump Rope is the ultimate high-end jump rope for high-intensity training. These ropes are the key to unlocking fun and fitness. Whether you're at home or in the gym, these ropes make the perfect equipment for both beginner and experienced individuals.

JUMP WITH THE BEST - Buddy Lee jump ropes are the high-end, high-performance jump ropes used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and jump rope professionals. The durable handles and the weighted, aerodynamic cords make our ropes affordable luxuries for any jump rope fan.

DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE - Buddy Lee Jump Ropes are designed for everyone: beginner or advanced, adult or child. This is more than a rope; it’s a way of life. Jumping rope instilled values of perseverance, success, and commitment in Buddy Lee. What will jump rope teach you?

JUMP ROPE ACCESSORIES - These grips come in several colors to match your jump rope, your mood, or your sense of style. Liven up your old, torn grips by purchasing these replacement grips for your Aero Speed today!

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