Replacement Swivel Bearings



REPLACEMENT SWIVEL BEARINGS - About every 6 months to a year, you may need to replace your swivel bearings on your Aero Speed or Rope Master Jump Rope. Simply use the wrench that came with your jump rope for easy, fast replacement. You'll be back to jumping in no time!

SWIVEL-BEARING TECHNOLOGY - Buddy Lee’s patented swivel-bearing technology has revolutionized the jump rope industry. Swivel-bearing technology ensures smooth turning motion in any direction—without friction or drag—so your training never has to stop.

JUMP WITH THE BEST - Buddy Lee jump ropes are the high-end, high-performance jump ropes used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and jump rope professionals. The durable stainless steel bearing material and the weighted, aerodynamic cords make our ropes affordable luxuries for any jump rope fan.

DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE - Buddy Lee jump ropes are designed for everyone: beginner or advanced, adult or child. This is more than a rope; it’s a way of life. Jumping rope instilled values of perseverance, success, and commitment in Buddy Lee. What will jump rope teach you?

JUMP ROPE ACCESSORIES - Durability may vary based on personal use and care. Incorrect jumping technique, excessive dropping of handles, and jerky arm movements can put additional stress on the swivel bearings and cause premature breakage. With proper care, these bearings can last well over a year.

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