New Aero Speed Jump Rope - New Technology, Features, & Custom Colors Selection.

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Unleash your inner athlete with our premium jump rope designed to elevate your speed, stamina & explosive power while maintaining peak energy levels, sculpting your physique, and maximizing your workout efficiency.

Achieve Your Dream Physique & Gain Confidence

Improve your self-image and transform your body with our high-performance jump rope. Feel proud of yourself and gain confidence by sculpting a lean, athletic physique.

Optimize Your Boxing & Sports Training

Improve your speed, agility, and explosive power, giving you the edge in any sport, whether it's boxing, football, basketball or any other sport.

Maximize Cardio Efficiency and Effectiveness

Experience highly efficient cardio workouts that boost your stamina and endurance for peak performance in less time. 

Enhance Footwork and Agility

Boost your performance with improved footwork and coordination. Develop better movement which is essential for executing complex combinations and improving overall athletic ability. 

Color: AS Sky Blue w black Cable

AS Sky Blue w black Cable
AS Gold w black Cable
AS Navy Blue w black Cable
AS Pink w black Cable
AS Silver w black Cable
AS Black w black Cable
AS Dark Grey w black Cable
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UPGRADED FEATURES: Elevate your workouts with the Buddy Lee Aero Speed Jump Rope. With longer, lightweight aluminum handles, patented swivel bearing technology, a new upgraded cable and exciting color options, it's designed for speed and control. Perfect for CrossFit, cardiovascular exercise and mastering double unders.

SMOOTH & TANGLE-FREE JUMPING: Experience smooth and ultra-speed rotations with our patented swivel bearings technology. This cutting-edge system prevents twisting, bending and winding. The new 4.5mm thick cable rope ensures more weight and control with each jump you make. Jump confidently with our 2X strong jump rope.

ERGONOMIC & PREMIUM DESIGN: Featuring soft neoprene grips on 6.5” handles for a comfortable hold. The lightweight T-Grade Aluminum construction ensures a secure and fatigue-free grip for all hand sizes. Enjoy smooth and aerodynamic jumps with the adjustable 9'3" PVC-coated stainless steel cable. The laser-finished graphics on the handles preserve the Aero Speed trademark.

INNOVATIVE ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM: Prepare your jump rope within seconds with our new Adjustment Speed Cable Rope System. Secure or replace the cable with ease using the included L wrench. Quickly customize the cable length to match your height using Bicycle Cable Cutters!

EXCITING COLOR OPTIONS & STYLISH PACKAGING: Choose from an exciting selection of colors like Limited Olympic Gold, Silver, Pink, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Dark Gray, and Midnight Black. Each jump rope is carefully packed in a stylish gift box, ensuring safe delivery and a memorable unboxing experience.

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AS Sky Blue w black Cable, AS Gold w black Cable, AS Navy Blue w black Cable, AS Pink w black Cable, AS Silver w black Cable, AS Black w black Cable, AS Dark Grey w black Cable