Why Athletes Should Incorporate Jump Roping Into Training

Why Athletes Should Incorporate Jump Roping Into Training

For a lot of people, they forget all about jump roping once they leave schools that have recess. However, there may be a significant benefit to getting in touch with your middle-school-aged self and picking up the habit again! Jumping rope is an amazing workout, even if it may seem simple. Read on to learn why athletes should incorporate jump roping into training.

Overall Athleticism Booster

Athleticism is a term with many components—speed, coordination, stamina, power—and jumping rope boosts each element of athleticism! Jump rope workouts use every part of your body and require you to get good at certain movements you may not be used to. Once you’re a jump roping pro, you’ll have more coordination, faster feet, and greater agility than ever before.

Fat-Burning Exercise

Like swimming or cycling, jump roping is a form of cardio. As you probably know, cardio is the best exercise for burning a lot of calories, making jump roping a prime choice for weight loss. If you want to step up your game, you can incorporate exercise jump ropes and do high-intensity interval training sessions.

Working Multiple Muscle Groups

While jumping rope certainly benefits your calves, that’s not the only muscle group you can tone! The more you jump rope, the more you’ll notice tone developing in your core and shoulders. Many people don’t realize how much of an effect jumping rope can have on your shoulders, but you’re in for a serious shoulder workout!

Low Impact, High Results

Jogging is a great form of cardio, but it’s high impact. That means you’ll do damage to your joints over time as your feet come in hard contact with the ground. Jump roping is a low-impact exercise—even though you’re falling back down to earth with every jump, your core helps absorb the impact. You can also stay light on your feet by jumping on the balls of your feet, which will absorb the impact of landing. You can further minimize the impact by being thoughtful about where you jump.

Now that you know why athletes should incorporate jump roping into training, try this excellent exercise for yourself! You’ll love the results you can get with such a simple workout.