Buddy Lee Replacement Jump Rope Cord


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Fits all Buddy Lee Jump Ropes (except the Super Sonic Speed Ropes)

  • Change up the look of your jump rope with some different colors!
  • For replacing broken cords
  • For children that have outgrown their cord
  • For trainers looking to train clients of different heights with the same jump rope

The cords are approx 9’5″ long and made of PVC, a very durable material that is recommended for wood, rubberized, artificial turf and sport court surfaces. They can be used on cement surfaces but will wear and break quicker due to excessive friction.

Note: The blue, red and white cords and a little bit lighter and are not hollow. Use a pushpin to initiate a hole in the end of cord, before easily screwing the eye screw into the cord.

Additional information

Weight 0.19 lbs

Black Rope Cord, Pink Cord, White Chord


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