How to Get the Most Benefits out of a Weighted Jump Rope?

How to Get the Most Benefits out of a Weighted Jump Rope?

By US Olympian Buddy Lee

Foremost Jump Rope Authority, CrossFit Jump Rope Subject Matter Expert

As pioneers and inventors in the Jump Rope Space for 30+ years, we have witnessed, used, and been given first right to almost every kind of Jump Rope Technology manufactured across the planet.

After traveling to more than 60 countries and presenting over 5,000 presentations we have consulted as Fitness Experts to the biggest health and fitness organizations, toy companies and government agencies on the planet to create Jump Rope exercise programs, and challenges to get people of all ages Fit and Strong for Life.



This includes the USA Government, Japan, China, Russian TV, CrossFit, The American Heart Association, the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, the US Olympic Committee, TRX and 9Round Fitness, to name a few.

Weighted Jump Ropes

Weighted Jump Ropes have been around for decades. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts use weighted Jump Ropes as part of their daily fitness, strength, and conditioning programs.

Weighted Jump Ropes used properly have benefits and studies supported by Jones, Squires, Rodahl and Spencer etc. have shown weighted Jump Ropes can be an effective strength training stimulus. Athletes have increased their upper body strength on the bench press by 11 kilos (24.25 lbs.) after an 8-week program of jumping with a weighted Jump Rope. The techniques used were the Basic Bounce Jump at 96 RPM (revolutions per minute).

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar used a heavy jump rope

In fact, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (7’2”) a National Hall of Fame professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers promoted a 6 lbs. weighted Jump Rope back in 1980.  At 7’2” it was an important part of his training. But I wonder how many people could relate to or even understand how to train effectively with a Jump Rope that heavy without the risk of getting hurt.

The average person weighing 160 lbs. or less would struggle to turn a 6 lbs. Jump Rope efficiently, primarily from lack of instructions on how to jump the correct way.

When should you consider a Weighted Jump Rope?

Rope jumping is a total body movement, which requires good posture and proper biomechanics to master the skill. My coaching experience would advise to avoid starting out with a weighted Jump Rope until you have mastered the fundamentals and built up to 10 minutes of nonstop jumping with a lightweight plastic speed rope.

Once you become proficient at jumping, it is important to add variety to challenge yourself and improve your overall fitness and Jump Rope training goals. 

Here is how adding a weighted rope to your Jump Rope training workouts can benefit you, provided you have the proper instruction and safe progressions:

Weighted Jump Rope Benefits
  1. Increases upper body strength.
  2. Improves upper and lower body balance and coordination.
  3. Improves arm, forearm, wrist, and grip strength.
  4. Improves abdominal, back, chest and shoulder strength.
  5. Helps to burn more calories than a speed rope.

Types of Heavy Ropes

The weights may be incorporated into the handles or into the rope itself and training with them primarily develops your upper body strength.

Some weighted Jump Rope cables are covered with PVC coating and can weigh as much as 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) or more. However, to ensure safety and achieve desire training results, I suggest that you choose a weighted Jump Rope that weighs no more than 1-2 lbs. (2.2-4.4 kg) or one that is relative to your size and weight. In this article we will focus on training with a weighted Jump Rope that weighs between 8.6 oz to 1lbs. 3.5 oz. 

Turning a weighted Jump Rope not only involves turning your wrists but also draws upon muscle groups in your hands, wrist, forearms, shoulders, deltoid and back.

Training with weighted Jump Ropes is normally emphasized by athletes who rely heavily upon upper body strength and endurance for success in their sport (e.g. MMA, boxing, gymnastics).

Lighter and heavier cables

Do keep in mind that weighted Jump Ropes with heavy cables are turned at slower speeds than a light speed plastic ropes and weighted ropes with light weight cables, therefore develop slow twitch rather than fast twitch muscle fibers.

You can generate training benefits for your fast twitch muscle fibers by incorporating lighter cables along with heavier cable, using the techniques I have outlined in this article as part of your weighted Jump Rope training routine.

Muscles invlolved in jumping with a Weighted Jump Rope

My Hyperformance™ light weight cables emphasize fast twitch muscle fibers and helps you develop speed and quickness in your hands and feet. In turn, you can use my medium and heavy cables, to improve your strength and endurance.

By mixing both kinds of work together – ideally, in the same workout – you will increase your training effects in several ways, including the creation of muscle confusion and its associated fitness benefits.

Complete Jump Rope Training

These training options build upon current methods being used to promote high levels of fitness without sacrificing sports performance. Cross training, circuit training, resistance training, and other options have been found to benefit athletes in a variety of sports. I encourage you to explore a variety of training and fitness options to supplement or complement your Jump Rope Training Program.

Rope jumping can also be combined with other exercises. Here an intense workout that can easily be combined with weight bearing exercises for a total fitness workout:


Workout Goal: Jump for Speed, Power and Strength. 

Jump at Max Speed

  1. Warm Up without Rope: Shadow Jump Basic Bounce and Alternate Footstep 60 seconds
  2. Stretch: Upper and lower body for 5 minutes
  3. Warm up with Rope: Jump with light PVC speed rope: 500 jumps (goal is to complete in 5 minutes)
  4. Heavy Cable: 30 seconds x 5 sets with 60 seconds Active Rest:
    sit-ups, pushups, air squats
  5. Medium Cable: 45 seconds x 5 sets with 60 seconds Active Rest:
    sit-ups, pushups, air squats
  6. Light Cable: 30 seconds x 5 sets with 60 seconds Active Rest:
    sit-ups, pushups, air squats

People have been asking me for years, when will come out with a Buddy Lee brand Weighted Jump Rope? Well, here it is. It has finally arrived! This is our newest Buddy Lee Jump Rope Model. Are you ready for it? It is called…


Our new Weighted Jump Rope Training System offers our Patented Swivel Bearing Technology that was created in 1997 and changed the Jump Rope industry across the planet. Since then, many other brands have copied our technology.

Our Patented Swivel Bearing Technology design on this model turns with a smooth turning motion, ultra-speed, and control in all directions. It is combined with an interchangeable Rope Lock and Release System and packaged with three different size and weighted cables.


  • External Swivel Bearing
  • Quick Cable-Rope Release, Lock and Adjustment System
  • 3 different weight cables that can be customize to your height and designed specifically for speed, power, endurance, strength training, weight loss and just for fun. 
  • 3 meter in length (10’)

Cable Diameter

Cable Weight

Cable and Handles

Cable, Handles

& Handle Weights

Light 4mm

2.9 oz

8.6 oz

12.3 oz

Medium 6 mm

5.5 oz

11.2 oz

14.8 oz

Heavy 8 mm

9.9 oz

15.6 oz

1 lbs. 3.3 oz


  • Durable Aluminum Handles with Comfortable Silicone Grips
  • Convenient Carrying Case
  • Clear PVD Weighted Rope Cables
  • Handle Weights
  • Carry Case with Shoulder Straps


  • Helps you jump fast with no rope tangles, smooth turning motion
  • Helps you be more time efficient when changing cables
  • It lets you have 3 different intensities while jumping for a better experience, helps to burn more calories and build strength in your upper body
  • Extra comfortable and strong grip
  • Can carry the rope comfortably anywhere, anytime
  • Will allow you to jump on concrete without worrying about the cable breaking apart

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