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Would you like to be among the few in the entire world to own this Limited Edition NEW Aero Speed Rope - with its New Features, Technology, and New Custom color selection? Only a limited number of ropes are available, so order now before it is out of stock. If you get yours today, not only will you be among the first to get this new rope, you will also receive a special bonus: a Free 15-minute call with The Legend Buddy Lee himself, available until March 15th. Limited spots available.

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45 Min Live Sessions

One-on-One live training Sessions with Buddy Lee


Paid Live Sessions

Exclusive One-on-One Training Sessions!

On this Video call, You will Meet Buddy Lee:

1- A skill Assessment to know your Level & Define your Goals.

2- Determine which Jump Rope is Best for You based on your Goals.

3- Set a Custom workout & Training plan for you to help you meet your goals.

4- Learn the 4B’s and Training tips on how to Improve your Jump Rope skill level.   

5- Get Buddy Lee to be your Personal Mentor & Motivational life coach to help you through life challenges & encourage you to achieve your life goals.

6- Success Mindset secrets inspired by Buddy Lee’s testimony & his personal life experiences.

Learn about How he changed his life, What challenges he Faced.

Learn about his journey becoming an Olympian & a successful business Man !

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Professional Jump Ropes

Jump rope is a classic and invigorating activity that’ll get your heart pumping! Unlike other fitness habits, jumping rope also works your mind as you learn tricks and create routines. Invest in jump ropes that you can use to add some fun changes to your typical routine.

Why should our jump rope company be your top pick? Because the US Olympic Teams, CrossFit, the US Military, and more have endorsed our high-end jump ropes! Plus, we’ve given motivational speeches and inspired people around the world to join in on our love for jumping rope.

Browse our online shop to find the ideal performance jump rope for your fitness and training goals. If you have questions about any of our options, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for support. Start a fitness activity that works the mind, body, and spirit!