Magic Speed Pro jump rope
Magic Speed Pro jump rope
Magic Speed Pro jump rope
Magic Speed Pro jump rope
Magic Speed Pro jump rope

Magic Speed Pro Jump Rope


Unleash your inner athlete with our premium jump rope designed to elevate your speed, stamina & explosive power while maintaining peak energy levels, sculpting your physique, and maximizing your workout efficiency.

Achieve Your Dream Physique & Gain Confidence

Improve your self-image and transform your body with our high-performance jump rope. Feel proud of yourself and gain confidence by sculpting a lean, athletic physique.

Optimize Your Boxing & Sports Training

Improve your speed, agility, and explosive power, giving you the edge in any sport, whether it's boxing, football, basketball or any other sport.

Maximize Cardio Efficiency and Effectiveness

Experience highly efficient cardio workouts that boost your stamina and endurance for peak performance in less time. 

Enhance Footwork and Agility

Boost your performance with improved footwork and coordination. Develop better movement which is essential for executing complex combinations and improving overall athletic ability. 

Color: Black & Green

Black & Green
Red Handles - Blue Cord
Yellow & Black
Blue Handles - Red Cord
Red & Black
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Buddy Lee Magic Speed Pro Fitness Jump Rope for Kids & Adults
ELITE JUMP ROPE - Our original long-lasting rope is great for rope skipping and cardio workouts. 
JUMP FOR FITNESS - Join Olympic athletes and train with our jump ropes for the perfect exercise.
SPEED ROPE - Professional jump ropers and kids all love the smooth motion and quality PVC cord.
ALL SKILLS - For both adults and kids, our 8'7" handles and 9' cord are good for users up to 6'5" with handles that are comfortable for any hand size.
ADJUSTABLE - The Magic Speed workout jump rope has adjustable cords for anyone up to 6'5".


Caution: Children should be supervised when jumping rope. To avoid potential injury to self or others check rope cord and handles for breakage before each jumping session.

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Black & Green, Blue, Red, Red Handles - Blue Cord, Yellow, Yellow & Black, Blue Handles - Red Cord, Red & Black

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i love it so much and the color is cute