Live Workshops on Jump Rope Training for Fitness and Improved Sports Performance

Buddy Lee shares his Olympic experience and teaches you how to be your best, all day, all week, all month and all year. Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself?


“ My goal is to align my brand with the absolute best, creme de la creme,

partners out there. Not only does Buddy Lee make the

absolute best Jump Ropes, but his education is second to none. 9Round

is a proud partner with the Buddy Lee brand.”

—Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson, Founder of 9Round

“ We have a long-standing relationship with the Buddy Lee brand and training system, featured in our Ropes and Straps videos. Buddy Lee is

the King of Jump Rope!”

—Randy Hetrick, Founder of TRX

“A decade ago, Buddy described our shared principles of functionality,

intensity, and variety as a hope for “taking us back to the basics and setting

the standards that can help our nation to regain its health.”

Jump rope is a great tool to that end, and Buddy Lee is the best.”

— Greg Glassman, CEO, CrossFit, Inc.

“It was Buddy Lee who inspired me to really start training with a rope.  Now ropes are integral in my training and I thank Buddy for all he’s done to promote the art and science of jump rope.  Buddy is electrifying with a jump rope, and he’s a wonderful teacher.  His athletic prowess speaks for itself and I know he credits much of his ability and accomplishments to his rope training.  No matter who you are, you owe it to yourself to learn what Buddy teaches!”

— David Weck (Inventor of the BOSU Balance Trainer, Creator of Rolling Ropes


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